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Motorbike History Checks - Motorcycle Data Checks, check for any adverse history of a used motorcycle before you buy!
Check if it's been stolen, has finance owed, damaged or written-off, scrapped, DVLA details, owners, plate change, Police interest.. etc..
You can obtain a history check on any UK DVLA registered motorcycle

Insurance write-off
Recorded stolen
Outstanding Finance
Previous owners
Log book stolen check
Mileage discrepancies
Plate changes

Hidden past
1 in 5 motorbikes checked has some form of adverse history

False identity
1 in 5 motorbikes checked has had a plate change and there are over 200,000 stolen log books in circulation.

Financed owed
1 in 4 motorbikes checked has an outstanding loan or finance aggreement still in place

1 in 20 motorbikes checked shows a mileage descrepancey and so may have been clocked

Insurance loss
1 in 14 motorbikes checked has been written-off by an insurance company

Stolen recovered
Around 23,000 motorcycles are stolen every year in the UK, that's 60+ a day, and only 2 out of 5 are ever recovered

Listed on the ABI register
Around 70 bikes a day are listed as insurance write-offs as categories A, B, S or N

So don't get caught!
Check before you buy!

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